Our Story


Maoi is a staple for the modern beach woman, providing forever swim apparel.
Maoi is a WOC owned and operated business. It was inspired by exotic destinations and highly influenced by the beach cultures of Brazil and Hawai’i.
Maoi was Co-founded by Julia Muniz Robinson and Mahina Florence in 2021 - selling out in two weeks the very first collection - followed by an exponential growth on the swimwear and fashion industry.
Now, Julia owns and operates Maoi.
‘’I want to be a part of the change within the fashion world’s stereotype. We want to prove that fashion can also be inclusive. Since a young age I’ve dreamt about being an entrepreneur. There were not many brown, immigrant women in this position at the time and now I want to be this person for other women.’’ Says co-founder Julia
Our mission is to provide sustainable, empowering swimwear.
Through our social media channels we want to educate our public on environmental issues and projects. Through travelling, we want to highlight and support local talent creating a strong community of woman.
Our products are made entirely of sustainable materials. We thought about everything - from production to our shipping bags and method. We also included a carbon emission reduction token on our website, and we will be supporting NGO’s which aid in ocean cleaning, coral restoration, and many more. Please check our page ''Sustainability/Ethics'' for more info.
At Maoi, we promise to always be honest with our consumers, to provide you with quality over quantity and to continue to get stronger with time, for we know there is always room for growth.